Latifeh's Famous Fried Eggs

Latifeh's Famous Fried Eggs


  • Place about 2-3 tablespoons (per egg) - at least, of Old Country Olive Oil in a frying pan. It should be enough to for your egg(s) to swim in!
  • Heat the pan to a medium temperature, making sure that the oil doesn't start to smoke (extra virgin olive can reach 410 ºF before oxidizing)
  • Add egg by pouring into the pan slowly to avoid. This will make the egg white "bubble" and the sides crisp.
  • Move the egg around slightly to avoid sticking to the pan.
  • Take a long spoon and scoop up a little of the hot oil from the pan and gently pour a little at a time over the top of the egg. Repeat this process until the center is to your desired preference.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Take the egg out of the pan using a spatula or enjoy it straight from the pan to enjoy every drop of the egg and olive oil!!
  • Sahtayn!! (Lebanese for bon appétit)!!!


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